Electrim Digital Mashing and Boiling Bin

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Electrim Digital Mashing and Boiling Bin

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Digital control Mashing Bin - Electrim

This 33l polypropylene brewing and mashing bin has a 2kw temperature controlled heating element which provides the range of control needed to mash grains and boil the wort in ambient conditions. We recommend that a mashing and sparging bag is used to hold the grains and a muslin bag is used for the hops to prevent them sticking to the element. Both of these are separate purchases.


Electrim Digital 2kw 25l Mashing Bin

This home brew sized 7 gallon (33l) mashing bin is made from heat tolerant polypropylene. It comes complete with an outlet tap, carrying handle and grommeted lid to allow steam to escape. The 2kw electric element comes with a normal UK 13A plug and is overload protected. With its attendant thermostatic control, this bin will handle a range of temperatures from mashing to boiling. It is recommended that use is made of a mashing and sparging bag to hold the grains. Hops should be placed in a muslin bag to prevent them sticking to the element. Both of these are not included.

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An excellent bit of kit
I was bought this as a birthday present and have been very impressed indeed. It is such a step up from the non-digital version where a degree of guesswork was required to work out the temperature of the mash: each time you moved the thermometer in the mash it gave a idly different reading. Not so with this one, where it holds the temperature exactly. It is also very quick to reach strike temperature. I like this method of brewing as it does away with the need for a mash tun as all the grains and hops can be kept in a grain bag (not included) tied to the rim of the bin. I look forward to many more brews with this in the years to come.
Review by Grainer / (Posted on 26/08/2014)