Welcome to Brew2bottle - home brew in Cheshire

Enjoy the craft of home made beers and wines

brew2bottle-shop-frontBrew2bottle is a specialist home brew shop based in Northwich, Cheshire which caters for all of your home brewed beer and wine making needs.

Apart from our comprehensive stock of brewing, fermenting and bottling equipment, we hold a great range of beer kits. From stout and porter, through traditional bitters and blonde ales to lagers.

Alongside these is our selection of wine kits to make red, white and rose; from speedily made table wines, through great value mid range, grape variety wine kits to full bodied superb quality single estate wines from around the world.

brew2bottle-vanSat squarely between our beer and wine kits is a section dedicated to Cider, which covers more than just the traditional apple styles. And If you are looking for something different, then we also offer high alcohol 'spirit' and 'cocktail' drinks and we provide everything you need to make your own country or hedgerow wines from wild ingredients.

Whether you're a newcomer to making beer and wine at home, or an experienced brewer or vintner, we hope to meet your needs and offer friendly advice and great service.