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  1. St Peters, India Pale Ale (IPA)- 32 pint kit

    St Peter’s IPA (ABV 5.5%) 32 pint beer kit

    A traditional, full-bodied India Pale Ale with a zesty character

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  2. Bulldog 'Perfect Apple' (ABV 4.5%) 40 pint Apple Cider kit

    Bulldog 'Perfect Apple' (ABV 4.5%) 40 pint Apple Cider kit

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  3. Australian Blend Merlot Blush

    Australian Blend 23l, 7 day wine kit - Merlot Blush, Rose

    When we created the Merlot Blush, we had set out to make a very fruity, crisp but balanced rosé wine. This recipe uses the Merlot grape which adds its typical hints of plum and ripe fruits and berries and we contrast this with a crisp white grape for the main body of the wine. Drink well chilled! All ingredients you need are already included, just add water to make 23 litres of refreshingly crisp new world style rosé wine.

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  4. Milestone Dasher the Flasher (ABV 4.5%)

    Milestone Dasher the Flasher (ABV 4.5%)

    A very pleasant full-bodied, deep red malty bitter – quite fruity with a delicious subtle hop finish. Ideal for Christmas!

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4 Item(s)