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  • HELP! Nothing's happening ...

    What it means to have a ferment that won't start - and what to do about it
  • Help! There's froth everywhere ...

    There are two questions asked in the shop more than any others ... we take a look at some of the causes of one of the questions "There's froth everywhere ... what have I done wrong?"
  • Does anything say more that summer's arrived than strawberries?

    Let's face it, we spend all winter looking forward to summer only to be let down by the weather again. However, there are certain aspects of summer that the rain cannot dampen ... and one of them has to be the ripening of the strawberries.
  • The American Craft Brewing Revolution Gathers Momentum

    Howdy! Our friends Evil Dog and Four Finger Jack, who heralded the start of the American Craft Brewing revolution, now have some serious competition....
  • Brew2bottle Wine of The Month - April 2014 - Sadlers Reserve Castello

    Sadler's Reserve are a very very high-quality range, and we've been so impressed by one of the reds we have on taster, we thought we'd let you try it before we drink it all!!
  • Brew2bottle Brew Of The Month - April 2014 - On The Rocks Mixed Berry

    This month our Beer Of The Month is actually a Cider Of The Month, in honour of the long-awaited arrival of spring, we have a light refreshing and fruity offer for you - On the Rocks Mixed Berry Cider....
  • Limited Edition - Festival Endeavours Pale Ale Premium Ale Kit

    Every now and again, we see a limited edition crop up in the Festival range, and we thought we'd take a close look at this one. There is no shortage of Pale Ale or even IPA type kits around at the moment. The Festival range is so well presented, and covers a lot of beer types in a relatively small range including the popular Razorback IPA - well, if Festival think this is a worthy Pale Ale edition in light of the range already having the Razorback, we thought it must be a good thing so we got some in!

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